March News Letter

Hi Folks

I’m hoping you are all keeping well and looking forward to Spring giving way to Summer. This winter seems to have dragged on for way too long, thankfully with British Summer Time having started yesterday we have longer days ahead, just need to feel the sun a little bit more!

With that in mind I would like to recommend Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Justine Hextall owner of Tarrant Street Clinic in Arundel.  With my work as a Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist I get to observe clients skin close up and always have in the back of my mind to observe for any area of skin that may be of concern and need further investigation. Having spent many years surfing and kitesurfing my skin has been exposed to a lot sun, I’ve been lucky and have had numerous areas treated before they develop further, so I can personally recommend Justine. For more information follow the link here:

I also want to share some information on knee Osteoarthritis (OA), a condition I’m seeing in clinic on a regular basis. OA is a condition that affects up to 25% of people over the age of 50 years, with some progressing to knee replacement surgery. However, the available research and my clinical experience shows me that combining regular functional exercises with client education can lead to significant improvements in function, allowing you to manage the condition and lead a more normal life without the need for surgery.

Doing regular exercises, even though this may initially cause discomfort will be beneficial for your joints, the longer you do the exercises the better your knees will feel!  Interestingly, normal sensations of movement (exercise) as well as touch and warmth are given preference over pain sensations. The more normal sensations that come from you knee, the less pain sensations that get through to your brain and therefore your awareness. That is why pain can feel worse when their is not much else going on and better a few minutes after you start walking. 

This also helps explain why massage around the knee can make it feel better and the main reason why a heat pad provides relief, all helping you to start your exercises. Additional pain management my be required to create a ‘window of opportunity’ allowing you start exercising. There are many options that we can discus with you in clinic to help mange your knee pain.

Additionally loosing weight will significantly improve your quality of life and physical function as well as reduce your knee pain. I’m fortunate to work with a great nutritionist who happens to be my wife, so I’m slightly bias, you can find her details here:

So with March drawing to a close, please get in touch if you require any physiotherapy or Sports/Remedial massage to help you get ready for Summer!

Kind regards

Paul Frawley

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